Speaker Date Topic
Kelly Park Communitions Manager for Relay Eductn. Nov 25, 2020
Green jobs,climate change, benefits and science of sustainable energy and the environment
 Oct 22, 2020 at 11:59 AM Kelly Park <kellynpark@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi John, I am the Communications Manager for Relay Education. Relay Education is an environmental charity, which teaches people about renewable energy, energy conservation, green jobs and climate change through educational workshops across Canada. We have educators who work primarily in schools and with Indigenous communities to educate about the benefits and science of sustainable energy and the environment. My work is to promote the brand, spread the good word about the work Relay Education does and support our programming and fundraising marketing.
Big G now a podcaster Dec 02, 2020
If you know anything about Country Music You know Big G Retired Radio Station owner programmer

Paul Harris Fellow Gary Macolman has been a fixture of country radio in Kingston for many years. He has built and sold radio stations, is involved in car racing and as organizer of the kids for kids hockey tournament has raised hundreds of thousdands of dollars for worthwhile causes in our community.

Gary is an asset to our community and will have great stories to tell.  A meeting not to be missed.

Garry mccolman (@BigGCountry935). Retired Radio Station owner programmer and personality. Currently Big G country podcaster.
Feb 21, 2020 — Gary “Big G” McColman and Wayne “Matty” Mathews called it a career after working for 16 years together on The Big Show at Country 93.5 FM. The Rogers Media studio was opened up to fans and members of the public for the duo's last morning show.

Garry McColman

Garry McColman has enjoyed a 55 year career in media, in both radio and television. He has been a television producer, an owner of radio stations, programmer and announcer. For over 20 years Garry has been involved in charities that support the betterment of kids. Chairing the Kids for Kids Hockey Tournament over the past 23 years Garry has contributed over 1.5 million dollars in Kingston for The Boys and Girls Club and the Pediatric Department of Kingston Hospitals.

District Governor Hadi's Visit Dec 09, 2020
Expect update on how clubs are doing and how ours compares

DG email is hmortada@aol.com    

Dr. Barbara Sherwood Lollar Dec 16, 2020
Geologist who discovered the olderst water on earth-winner of Canada's highest award for science

Dr. Sherwood Lollar was awarded  the Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and engineering worth one million dollars on May 6, 2019.

"Her insight about the nature of water and life on our planet have opened the door to futher discovery about the origins and evolution of earth. Her discoveries and expertise are helping shape space exploration and the search for life on other plantes. 

The ancient water discovery stems from Dr. Sherwood Lollar and her tem's earlier explorationof an active copper, zinc and silver mine in Timmins Ontario.  Geochemical analysis of water taken at a depth of 2.4 km down, showed it was a billion years old.  Water samples taken at a depth of 3km in 2016 showed the water samples extracted to be up to two billion years old. Last year Dr. Sherwood Lollar was selected by the Canadian institue of for Advanced Research to co-lead an international program of exploration of the deep earth that builds on her previous work."

( notes  exerpted from Canadian Mining Journal May 6, 2019)

Blocked off for Christmas No meeting Dec 23, 2020
Christmas no Meeting

Unless something changes, everyone is busy preparing for  Christmas so no meeting

No Meeting in advance of New Years Dec 30, 2020
No Meeting in advance of New Years.