Youth Exchange
Rotary International Youth Exchange Program is a tremendous opportunity for young people, ages 15-18, to immerse themselves in another culture for up to one year.  Although COVID has put this program on the back burner for the last two years, it is our hope that the Kingston Frontenac Rotary club will get involved in this again when the green light for travel burns bright.  
Young people who are interested in this program complete an application and are interviewed to determine suitability for this opportunity.  They are prepared for a year abroad through training sessions with previous "Exchangees" and Rotarians.  They spend a year in another country, attending school and being hosted by 2-4 different host families for 3-4 months each.  They are sponsored by the host country's Rotary club.  By the end of the year, the student is generally fluent in another language and well-acquainted with another culture.  When they return home, they have the chance to share their stories with the next group of outbound students as well as the students visiting from abroad.  
In the past, our club has hosted many students from such countries as Brazil, Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong.  The experience enriches not just the students but the host families and all who interact with the visitors.