If you like what we do and would like to donate to our club to support the many things we support, we guarantee that 100% of any money donated to the club is used for what we support. This can be done because the cost to run our club (advertising, badges, meals for our guest speakers etc...) are all covered by membership dues paid by our members.
Unfortunately, our club is not registered as a charitable organisation so we cannot issue tax receipts for any donation directly to our club. However, one of our early members, Erle Allan, set up a Trust Fund which is registered with the Government of Canada and can therefore issue tax receipts. Our club works closely with the Erle Allan Trust Fund as the goals of the trust fund match exactly what our club stands for and support.
To give to our club directly:
- E-TRANSFERS, The address for e-transfers is, No password
required, they will automatically be received
- CHEQUES, Cheques payable to Rotary Club of Kingston Frontenac, Mailed to:
John Evans, 65 Michael Grass Crescent, Kingston ON, K7M 2W2
To give to the Erle Allan Trust Fund and receive a tax receipt (background below):
- CHEQUES, Cheques payable to Erle Allan Trust Fund, Mailed to:
John Evans, 65 Michael Grass Crescent, Kingston ON, K7M 2W2

Background on the ERLE ALLAN TRUST FUND

The role of charter member Erle Allan in the history of our Club deserves special mention. Erle was a dedicated Rotarian and by his presence as an active member in the formative years of the Club added a great deal both to the fellowship of the weekly meetings and to the success of the many projects with which he was associated. In 1973, during Bernie Breen's presidency, Erle was named Rotarian of the Year to honour his many contributions to Rotary. At that time, Erle set up a permanent trust fund for the use of the Kingston-Frontenac Rotary Club in their charitable activities. Erle subsequently made two further, substantial donations to this fund. Over the years, the income from this trust fund has been used to supplement Club funds for a multitude of capital grants to seniors, youth and projects abroad. Without Erle's legacy many of the Club's "good works" would have been considerably narrower in scope, or in some cases, left in the area of good intentions and would never have come to fruition. I think that Erle would be justifiably proud to know that his legacy was able to do so much over the years and will continue to do so in the years to come. Erle, we salute you and give you our thanks!