Visit to Hydroponic Garden Pods at Extend-A-Family Kingston
December 19, 2023
On Tuesday afternoon, the Arja, Susan and Don from the K-F Community Services Committee visited the new hydroponic garden pods at Extend-A-Family.
  • The pods are currently growing various types of letttuce, spinach, kale and other greens - about 400 kg per year, donated to the Food Sharing Project, Martha's Table and othe charities.
  • Will soon start growing other mixed vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, etc.
  • Not sufficient scale to produce enough to sell - estimate needing 7 pods.
  • The compostable bags purchased with K-F grant is enough for 6 months production
Thanks to Barb, Michael, Gordon and Isaac for showing us the operations and teaching us how to pack the harvested greens. 
Looking forward to Barb's presentation to the K-F Club on January 24, 2024.