Sep 14, 2022
Linda Newton-AZBGC Kamengo, Uganda
The Agenes Zabali Boys and Girls Club Post Covid Refurbishment

The Agnes Zabali Boys and Girls Club is the creation of Jimmy Sebulime, a refuge of the Ugandan Civil war who came to Canada in the 1990s.  With his mother, Agnes, they built a new life for themselves here in Canada.  Shortly thereafter, they started up a Boys and Girls club in their home village of Kamengo, modelled on the Ottawa club that welcomed Jimmy.  They donated the land for the club which servics as a home for orphans in the village and community/sports/educational facility for all of the village children.  Jimmy and his supporters provide 250 children  with scholarships annually and have supported children all the way through university.

Peter Morrin has personally been involved with this project since 2011 having provided technical assistance with the solar power system for the computer lab, Internet connection, and converting the water pump to a solar power system.  Peter will be returning to the centre in November 2022 and 2023.