About Our Club
The Kingston-Frontenac Rotary Club is one of four and the second oldest Rotary Clubs in Kingston.
There are also two Rotaract Clubs in Kingston which are focused on younger Rotarians, as well as a number of Interact and Earlyact clubs.
In addition to the Executive, the club includes a number of committees as listed below:
Community Services Committee:
The Community Services Committee of the Kingston Frontenac Rotary Club is comprised of a director and several club members. The committee reviews requests for funding assistance and volunteer help from local organizations who provide service to meet identified needs in the community. As examples, donations have been made to food security programs, housing ( Habitat for Humanity volunteering), women's shelters, clothing resources, and the environment. 
Requests for funding assistance and volunteer time are reviewed by the director (and principal committee delegates), and then voted on by the committee members. If there is consensus, the request is approved and funds distributed.