Sep 14, 2022
Don Mann to be confirmed - if move to inperson
Sinking of Titanic - Don's Mom survived it. Story and unseen new photos Smittys/Hybrid

Don's mother Madeleine Mellenger 13 at the time  had been staying in a Church of England Boarding school for girls when Don's grandmother  came to get her to go across to Americal where his grandmother had had aquired a job as a governess for for the Colgate family in Bennington, Vermont. For three days the women enjoyed sitting on the deck chairs and attending dances until the Saturday night sinking.  The ship was given the order to sail full steam ahead through the  Atlantic ice fields as the owners wanted to set a new speed record for crossing the Atlantic to America.......At 11 pm the ladies were awakened by the pounding on the door of the steward..... the rest is history...

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